All artists, writers, graphic artists and designers with whom we have worked over the last twenty years have followed rich and eventful paths, constantly creating multifaceted works and getting involved in many areas.
As a consequence, the following biographies are by no means exhaustive, nor precisely calibrated. They only seek to provide some insights into each artist so that the reader may continue the research, according to his/her preferences.
We would like to pay a special tribute to Gabriele Basilico, a photographer and man of rare talent and integrity, who sadly passed away in 2013. We shall always cherish his memory and his teachings.


Philippe Apeloig

Gabriele Basilico

Mat Collishaw

Philippe Cramer

Jean Luc Honegger

Ali Kazma

Alberto Manguel

Tom McCarthy

Annette Messager


Wajdi Mouawad

Tony Oursler

Radi designers

Hervé Rigal

Robert Stadler

Jean-Philippe Toussaint

Ornela Vorpsi

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