Editions Take5 radi designersThe Radi Designers group was founded in 1992 in Paris by Laurent Massaloux, Olivier Sidet, Robert Stadler, Florence Doléac, and Claudio Colucci.

Most of its members now operate as independent designers. Radi Designers gather around various projects in the fields of industrial design, limited-edition series, and land and space scenography. Radi Designers conceive all design projects as a construction which juggles with the evidence of everyday life, gestures, objects, furniture, gadgets, but also as a scenario.

As a consequence, beyond their immediate grasp, the objects designed by the Radi team can be perceived in many different ways, real or imaginary. Technology, production, or branding constraints are integrated as positive and coherent elements in the construction of each project.

In 2000, the team won the Designer of the Year prize at the Salon du Meuble in Paris.

They have participated in many prestigious exhibitions, at the Centre Pompidou (1997), at the Emmanuel Perrotin Gallery (1998), at the Fondation Cartier in Paris (1999), IFA (2000) and in 2001 at the Magnelli Museum Valauris and Sandra Gering gallery, New York. They have completed projects for brands such as Air France, Ricard, Seb, Schweppes, Tarkett, Sommer, and Kreo Gallery.

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