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Les éditions TAKE5

Les éditions TAKE5

The éditions Take5 were created in 2005 to publish artists’ books which associate renowned contemporary artists with writers and designers from different parts of the world, that share a common sensibility and are willing to collaborate on a specific project within the medium of a book.

The books are limited editions of 30 copies. Original signed works of contemporary artists and texts by living claimed authors are produced specifically for the book. They are conceived as a dialog between words and images, and different universes, though existing independently. The fruit of this collaboration is a surprising, unexpected alchemy, sometimes focused on a common theme and other times on a specific idea directly inspired from the artists’ works.

Les éditions TAKE5

Each book is an invitation to enter a new universe, to witness a unique chemistry between the various artists. Most of the books come out in editions of thirty copies. They include original signed photographic prints by renowned contemporary artists, and unpublished writings by well-known living writers. éditions Take5 has a very open editorial line, characterized by the use of all literary genres. The books represent contemporary photography in all its diversity (as interpreted by artists, reporters, videographers and filmmakers). The design and graphic design are innovative and aim at going beyond the traditional tools of bookmaking: The traycases are created by designers who exert a crucial influence on the aesthetics of our time. Extreme care is brought into the making of each book, and the materials are selected with great attention and innovative zeal. The best craftsmen participate in this adventure, using both established techniques and the latest technologies.

By bringing together in one book artists from different countries, publishing literary texts in several languages and exhibiting the books internationally, éditions Take5 shows its willingness to engender multicultural alliances.


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